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Recycling Information

The official recycling drop-off center is the Juneau County Landfill on County Hwy B. Hours are Monday, Wednesday, and Thursay from 8:00am—3:30pm and Saturday from 8:00am—12:00pm. Please register before dropping off your recyclables. You will only need to Register one time so please stop in and Register at the Building when droping off items. These guidelines must be followed:

  1. Aluminum and aluminum cans

  • Materials do not need to be separated.
  • The following can be recycled at no cost:

            2. Tin cans—clean

            3. Glass: Anything made entirely of glass (no window glass, ceramics, china, light bulbs
                or TV tubes)

            4. Yard Waste, Clippings—compost pile

            5. Plastics:PET 1 & 2 containers, i.e. milk jugs, soda bottles (no tarps, toys, tools,
                cottage cheese, egg cartons or styrofoam)

            6. Cardboard:Corrugated boxes (no styrofoam or plastic packing materials)

            7. Paper:Non-corrugated boxes, junk mail, newsprint, anything made of paper
                (no paper towels, tissues, or wax coated items)

            8. Auto and Household Batteries

            9. Used Motor Oil

          10. Computer Printers and Keyboards

  •  You will be required to register ONE TIME you use the site, not just once per year. Please stop in and Register for CRAM.
  •  Recycling is free to CRAM participants; garbage will still cost you!
  •  There is a small fee charged for the following items:

            1. Used tires (any size): $.15/lb

            2. Fluorescent bulbs: $1.00 each

            3. Items containing freon (refrigerators, freezers, dehumidifiers, air conditioners): $20.00 each

            4. Computer monitors,TV's and hard drives: $15.00 each

            5. Hot water heaters, washers, dryers, scrap metal, stoves, furnaces: $.03/lb

            6. Microwaves $5.00 each.

            7. Mattresses $10.00 each.

If you see anyone littering town roads, check for the license number and type of vehicle and report it to any Town Official. Persons found guilty of littering receive substantial fines.


Public Peace & Good Order Ordinance

     In September 2002, Juneau County Board of Supervisors updated several ordinances, including
     Chapter 9.06 Minimum Standards for Unlicensed Junk Accumulations.

     If you would like to file a complaint against a suspect property, please contact a Town Official in   
     order to fill out a complaint form. Complaints can be filed anonymously. The situation will be 
     investigated and addressed at the Town level, if possible. If resolution is unable to be made at the
     Town level, the complaint will be turned over to the County for handling.