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Town Board Meeting Minutes
Jul 19, 2017

Town of Clearfield

Monthly Board Meeting

July 2017


Town of Clearfield Board Meeting was held Wednesday, July 19, 2017. The following Town officials were in attendance: Doug Duray, Mike Meixner, Jim Suzda, Cindy Suzda, Jody Bigalke also in attendance was Robert Smith, Iny Emery, John Orton, Nancy Adler and Brian Kowalczyk.

Call to Order.Meeting was called to order at 7:00pm. It was noted that the meeting had been properly posted.

The Pledge of Allegiance. Mike Meixner led the Town Board in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Approve Agenda.Motion by Jim Suzda, second by Mike Meixner to approve the agenda as presented with an amendment to move John Deere Tractor up on the Agenda. It was also noted that the agenda was properly posted. Motion carried.

Public Comments.None

Attorney John Orton. Attorney John Orton discussed his law firm and that he would be willing to take over as our town attorney since Steve Chiquoine is retiring. Motion by Jim Suzda, second by Mike Meixner to approve John Orton as our new Town Attorney. Motion Carried.

John Deere Tractor (rental/purchase) New Holland Tractor. Robert Smith discussed information about a John Deere Tractor that the town has been renting due to our tractor broke down. John Deere is willing to sell the John Deere Tractor to the Town and use the broke down tractor as trade in. The cost of $60,000 for the new tractor. The tractor will come with a 24 month warranty and the tractor will be looked over well and if anything is wrong it will be fixed with no cost to the town. Motion by Mike Meixner, second by Jim Suzda to purchase the John Deere Tractor based on Contract that if anything is wrong gets fixed at no cost to the town and that John Deere offered to pay for part of the warranty $2329.00. Motion Carried.

Clerk’s Minutes.Motion by Mike Meixner, second by Jim Suzda to approve the minutes from the June 21st  Regular Monthly Board Meeting as presented. Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report.Doug Duray read the Treasurers report due to Deb Slye being absent. The July 2017 Money Market account balance was $242,989.20 and the checking account balance was $5,904.40.The report was placed on file.

Water Issue. There were two beaver dams found with Jody Bigalke going up in the plane and that the river was walked as well. Motion by Doug Duray, second by Jim Suzda to pay the U.S. Department of Agriculture $1,116.00 to dynamite the two beaver Dams found. Motion Carried. Also discussed was that Matt from the county is working to find a plan for the towns with the water issue. Brian Kowalczyk and Nancy Adler were still in contact with many people as well about this matter. Iny Emery was also at the meeting to discuss the water issue on her property. The Town is working on solving water issues in the Town of Clearfield. More updates will be available at the Town Board Meeting in August.

Road Report.Jody Bigalke discussed that he had been mowing, clearing trees off roads due to storms, cleaning ditches to help with water issues and investigating water issues.

LP Prepay. Discussion was the rates we got from Camp Douglas Farmers Coop and the rates we got from Allied Cooperative. Motion by Doug Duray, second by Jim Suzda to accept the rates for LP Prepay from Allied Cooperative for 1000 gallons. Motion Carried.

Zoning Administrator’s Report.Cindy Suzda reported she has been working on some building permits, Working on Some camper permits, working on Jay Oricks mobile home removal. There was a complaint about Tom Sowinski’s building permit that expired in January and has a camper violation, Cindy is working with Tom to get the violations fixed. Also Cindy reported that Mike Zloza has removed the mobile home that was in violation on his property so that is solved.

Building Permits for June 2017. (Larry & Jane Bolstad for a Garage, David Kenesie for a Shed, Derek Nelson for Garage Remodel, Clell & Carol Fogleson for a Screen in Porch).

Driveway Ordinance. The Driveway Ordiance will be moved to the August Board Meeting. There will be no discussion about this at the July Board Meeting.


  • Year-to-Date Recaps (Budget, Conditional Use Permits, Billing Out, Camper Permits, Building Permits and Fire Calls)
  • Trip Meeting to be held July 25th, 2017.
  • Timber Cutting Notice for Jerome Fliess in Section 25.


Board Comments.None.

Establish August Board Meeting Agenda.Water Problem update, Driveway Ordinance, Building Ordinance.

Approval of Vouchers.Motion by Jim Suzda, second by Mike Meixner to approve the payment of vouchers as presented. Motion carried.

Enter Closed Session per Wisc. SS 19.85(1)© to Evaluate Employee Performance: Road Patrolman. Motion by Mike Meixner, second by Jim Suzda to enter closed session. Motion Carried.

Come out of Closed Session. Motion by Mike Meixner, second by Jim Suzda to come out of Closed session. Motion Carried.

Adjournment.Motion by Jim Suzda, second by Doug Duray to adjourn the meeting. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 9:58pm. The next board meeting is scheduled for August 16, 2017.


Cindy Suzda,Clerk,  Town Of Clearfield

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