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Special Board Meeting Minutes
Jun 19, 2017

Town of Clearfield

Special Board Meeting

June 19, 2017


Town of Clearfield Special Board Meeting was held Monday, June 19, 2017. The following Town officials were in attendance: Doug Duray, Mike Meixner, Jim Suzda, Cindy Suzda, Jody Bigalke also in attendance was David Butler, Marty Gillan, David Nimmo, Nancy Adler, Bob Adler, Brian Kowalczyk, Richard Frantal, John Epding, Jack Jasinski, Jim Blant, David Donnelly, Terry Taft, Matt Komiskey, Faith Fitzpatrick, Janice Bahl, Kay West, Jason Bailey, Beny Morey, Ted Bova, Janet Bova.

Call to Order.Meeting was called to order at 10:00am. It was noted that the meeting had been properly posted.

The Pledge of Allegiance. Mike Meixner led the Town Board in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Approve Agenda.Motion by Jim Suzda, second by Mike Meixner to approve the agenda as presented and noted that the agenda was properly posted. Motion carried.

Public Comments.None.

Board Comments.None

Matt Komiskey (Flood Study). Discussion was that the Town has to do a Flood Study that could possibly take up to two  years to complete. Discussion is that we need to find where the water is coming from besides the above average rain fall that we have been getting and to figure out where we could route the water without effecting others and  to get the proper permits to do so. Many town residents voiced their concerns that the water is damaging their property and that they are concerned about the water sitting still on their land with the mosquitos and disease. The Town was informed by a resident that there are beaver dams in the yellow river and they feel that is one of the causes. The Board is going to be working close with USGS, Juneau County, the DNR and anyone else that could assist with this matter.

Board Comments. Cindy Suzda the Clerk announced that the Red Cross had dropped off Clean up Kits and the Juneau County Health Department had dropped off Well Water Test Kits to hand out to the residents that the flood water has effected.

Adjournment.Motion by Jim Suzda, second by Mike Meixner to adjourn the meeting. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 10:35pm. The next board meeting is scheduled for June 21, 2017.


Cindy Suzda,Clerk,  Town Of Clearfield

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