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Town Board Meeting Minutes
Sep 19, 2018

Town of Clearfield

Monthly Board Meeting Minutes

September 2018


Town of Clearfield’s Monthly Board Meeting was held Wednesday, September 19, 2018. The following Town officials were in attendance: Doug Duray, Jim Suzda, Cindy Suzda, Deb Slye. Also in attendance was Jody Bigalke, Rebecca Bria, Robin Deasy, Robert Deasy, Arnie Novak, Judith Novak, Monica Brecklin, David Brecklin, Jason Gosda, Rhonda Gosda, Steve Klebig, Nancy Klebig, Charlie McCauley, Beth McCauley, Courtney Williams, Jake Edkahl and James Krus.

Call to Order.Meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm. It was noted that the meeting had been properly posted.

The Pledge of Allegiance. Doug Duray led everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Approve Agenda.Motion by Doug Duray, second by Jim Suzda to Amend the Agenda and move public comments under Monica Brecklin on the agenda, other than that the agenda was approved as presented. It was also noted that the agenda was properly posted. Motion carried.

Monica Brecklin. Monica Brecklin discussed her concerns about a house being built on 37th Street that will be housing 4 disabled people. The Town Board had the Town attorney Rebecca Bria at this meeting to help answer any questions concerning this property. All the State and Federal Laws state this house is still considered a one and two family dwelling with having only 4 disabled individuals that will be living there.

Public Comments.Many of the attending residents listed above voiced their concerns about the house being built on 37th Street that will be housing 4 disabled individuals. Again our town attorney and the town board explained to them that under all the state statutes, federal laws and disability acts this is still considered a one and two family dwelling that can be built in a residential area.

Clerk’s Minutes.Motion by Jim Suzda, second by Doug Duray to approve the minutes from the Regular Monthly Board Meeting that was held on August 15, 2018, Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report.The September 19, 2018 Money Market account balance was $136,941.19 and the checking account balance was $3,790.26. The report was placed on file.

Road Report.Jody Bigalke reported that he has been mowing; cutting down trees, and that with the rain that we have gotten lately the road by Lucille Mentzel’s on 8th Avenue was broken away. Jody patched it for now but we need to put a new culvert in to avoid more road damage.

Zoning Administrator’s Report.Cindy Suzda reported she had been working on some building permits and also on the Jason Peil property to get the junk cleaned up. She also reported that the DNR, the State of Wisconsin and the Juneau County Sheriff’s office is assisting the town to get the Peil property cleaned.

Bartender License for Camp Cedar Springs. Motion by Doug Duray, second by Jim Suzda to accept the Bartender License that was presented to the Town Board for Camp Cedar Springs. Motion Carried.

Building Permits for August 2018. (Steven Forsythe for a Shed; Sandy River LLC for a New House and Chris CO-5, LLC for a New House).


  • Year-to-Date Recaps (Budget, Driveway Permits, Conditional Use Permits, Billing Out, Camper Permits, Building Permits and Fire Calls).
  • 2018 Preliminary Estimate of Population for the Town of Clearfield is 751.
  • The Town received a Thank you Card from Scott’s Construction for allowing them to do the Town’s Road Work.

Board Comments. Jim Suzda stated that the Necedah Fire Dept. will have  their budget done for the next meeting for the Town of Clearfield. Doug Duray discussed that he has been working on helping to get the Steiskal Property cleaned.

Establish October Board Meeting Agenda.Jason Peil Property, New Agent for Camp Cedar Springs, Discuss Town Letter.

Set Date for Budget Workshop. October 22nd at 6:00pm will be the Budget workshop for the 2019 Budget.

Approval of Vouchers.Motion by Doug Duray, second by Jim Suzda to approve the payment of vouchers as presented. Motion carried.

Adjournment.Motion by Doug Duray, second by Jim Suzda to adjourn the meeting. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 8:40 pm. The next regular board meeting is scheduled for October 17, 2018 at 7:00pm.

Cindy Suzda,Clerk, Town Of Clearfield

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