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Dec 27, 2012

The Town of Clearfield Board of Appeals met on December 27, 2012

And was called to order at 7:05 p.m. by Mike Meixner (chairman)

Roll call was taken with the following present, Judy Sharpe, Leo Moravek, Kara Hadley, Kathy Vopelak and Mike Meixner all present.   Absent:  none

Reviewed all the letters from Preon/ SynSel and all had read them and understood them.  Mike asked town of Clearfield Chairman, Doug Duray if the Township would be liable if something were to go wrong, for example, if the plant were to close, we were told no, by the Townships Attorney.   It wouldn't for 8 years because of Government funding, and after that it would be the responsibility of Preon.   Mike was also asked Brian Buckta if the Clearfield Town Board could find any other suitable property in our Township that could be considered instead of the current parcel.   Did we want to vote for it this year or wait until next year to see if some other property could be located?  Preon would like it decided by the end of this year.

A vote was taken:  all in favor were:  Judy Sharpe, Leo Moravek, Kara Hadley, Kathy Vopelak and Mike Meixner. Against: none


1. The Plant to be built closer to the center of property

2. A good buffer of trees all around the plant

3. Must be fenced in all around in accordance to both Clearfield and Preon can agree on.

4. Any and all damage done to roads must be fixed and upgraded or a possible road from Hwy 80 right into the plant.

5. The name of the Plant would be: Clearfield Advanced Biofuel Refinery. (CABR)

Mike asked Kathy to type up these minutes and conditions and get them to him as soon as possible so he could e-mail them to Preon.

Respectively submitted

Kathy Vopelak

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